Our Story

Jo Snow Syrups

The quirky brand!

Fun, irreverent, a little silly, but always delicious. That is Jo Snow Syrups.

I started making coffee syrups when I owned a café because I got so bored with the flavors that were out there. I was obsessed with this Mexican coffee drink called Café de Olla & set about recreating it. It may have started with coffee, but it didn’t stop there.

A friend asked me to make fruity syrups for her Italian deli.
Bartenders started creating cocktails with my syrups.
I dreamt of having a snow cone stand.

FAQ: How did Jo Snow get its name?

My husband, my good friend and I came up with the name on a road trip to Kansas City to check out a snow cone stand. After seven hours of being locked in the car with each other, you tend to get a little delirious! I had another name in mind, but decided it was just too serious. I wanted this brand to be fun & quirky & light hearted. I wanted this brand to be “me”. Jo Snow Syrups was born.

That’s my story…and I’m sticking to it!




Chief Syrup Officer...Melissa Yen

Chief Syrup Officer...Melissa Yen